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How Do I Get Lactation Support in Falls Church, VA?

Throughout your pregnancy, there are so many things you’ll need to make decisions about before the baby comes. Besides choosing a pediatrician that you trust to care and nurture your little one as they continue to grow, you’ll also need to decide if you are breastfeeding your baby.

Choosing to breastfeed is a very important and personal decision, one only the mother can make. If you do decide to breastfeed know that you do have numerous support and resources out there to help make breastfeeding easier. Here at Sacoto Pediatrics, we provide mother’s living in Falls Church with lactation support.

While some mothers will have an easy and positive experience with breastfeeding, we know that this isn’t always the case. The first two weeks, in particular, can be quite challenging, and having our team of pediatricians here to provide you with the breastfeeding and lactation support you need can all the difference during the beginning of motherhood.

Our pediatric team has received extensive experience and training to be able to provide you with the help you need, no matter what issues arise. If you have concerns along the way it’s comforting to know that you have doctors that you can turn to in order to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible when it comes to breastfeeding your newborn.

When you come into the office for lactation support this first visit is really a time for us to get to know you. You may be a first-time mom or you may be coming in for a consultation because you’ve dealt with past issues with breastfeeding. Not only do we provide a thorough consultation the first time you come into the office we can also meet with you as much as you would like prior to the baby’s arrival to get more information about our lactation support and other pediatrician services we offer.

Once you are discharged from the hospital, we would also be happy to have you come into the office for a counseling appointment. During this appointment, you can ask us any questions you might have about breastfeeding, as well as address any issues you are experiencing. We can also provide tips and advice for at-home support and ways to ease into the transition of being a new parent. We will also provide you with customized techniques to make breastfeeding easier and to troubleshoot any problems you are having.

If you want to schedule your lactation support evaluation then call Sacoto Pediatrics in Falls Church, VA at (703) 820-1951 today!

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