Essential Questions to Ask Your Newborn Doctor

Even if you aren’t a first-time parent, newborn babies tend to bring up a lot of questions. Each child is unique, and you may find that the newest addition to your family presents unique challenges. At Sacoto Pediatrics in Falls Church, VA, Dr. Maria Sacoto is always happy to answer questions that parents have for their newborn doctor. Here are five essential questions for parents.

1. Is My Newborn at a Healthy Weight?

On average, a newborn will gain one to two pounds per month for the first six months. Several factors affect how quickly your baby gains weight, such as being bottle-fed or breastfed. Because home scales vary in accuracy, it is best to have your baby’s weight checked regularly at our office.

2. How Often Should I Feed My Baby?

For the first few days, your newborn should feed every one to three hours. We recommend that you offer milk or formula to your newborn every two to four hours, and it may be necessary to awaken your baby for feeding.

3. What Should I Do If My Baby Doesn’t Sleep?

There are several reasons why a newborn baby doesn’t sleep. We first recommend that you schedule an appointment at our practice to ensure that there are no underlying issues. Natural light helps babies regulate their sleep patterns. You can spend time outdoors or sit next to a window. Another tip is to keep your baby active and awake longer during the day.

4. What Color Should My Baby’s Stools Be?

Your newborn’s stools are a good indication of how well your baby’s digestive system is working. Healthy stools for breastfed babies tend to be very soft and golden yellow. Your baby’s stools are affected by what you eat, and the stools may be a lighter yellow. If your baby is producing stools of any other color, a newborn doctor can determine if it is cause for concern.

5.  How Should I Bathe My Baby?

A newborn’s skin is very sensitive, and you should only give baths three times per week. You only need a few inches of water and a sponge to wipe your baby’s skin gently. Give the baths in a quiet place so your baby learns to relax and enjoy some alone time with you.

Do You Have Questions About Your Newborn Baby?

Speaking with a newborn doctor in Falls Church, VA, helps you feel more confident and comfortable as a parent. Call Sacoto Pediatrics today at (703) 820-1951 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sacoto at our Falls Church, VA, pediatric practice.

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