When You Should See Your Pediatrician

Know when it’s time for your child to see a pediatrician for care. 

Our pediatrician Dr. Maria Sacoto here at Sacoto Pediatrics specializes in providing comprehensive medical care to children and teens throughout the Falls Church, VA, area. Just like an adult has a primary doctor that they turn to for preventive care or treatment, your child or teen will turn to their pediatrician for all of their medical needs. Here are some of the top reasons to visit a pediatrician,

Wellness Checkups

These routine checkups are the best preventive measure you, as a parent, can take to ensure your child maintains optimal health during the very early stages of life. Through these checkups, our Falls Church, VA, pediatrician can evaluate their health as a whole, pinpointing any issues right away and providing little ones with the treatment or lifestyle changes they need for good long-term health.

Physical and Sports Exams

Once your little one turns three years old they will typically start coming in less regularly to our office, but they will still need to come in once a year for a comprehensive physical exam. This exam is just like a wellness checkup in that our pediatric team will perform a thorough evaluation while also monitoring their growth and development.

A sports physical is something that you will need to schedule toward the end of the summer before your child starts school. It’s imperative that they get this physical exam from a qualified medical professional before the start of the season. Not having the proper sports physical could bench them.


Another reason to visit our practice is for immunizations. All children will need to go through a series of vaccines from the moment they are born until 18 years (and often older). The CDC does provide a comprehensive list of vaccines that your child or teen will need, but our pediatric team also has this list and can schedule your child’s upcoming vaccination appointment so they are always up to date.

Nutritional and Dietary Counseling 

We understand that many parents are concerned about their child’s weight, especially with the rise in obesity rates in children and teens. Our pediatric team can provide helpful advice on how to provide your child with meals that offer the nutritional value they need for a growing body while providing advice on what foods to avoid to reduce their risk for obesity as well as other health problems that can be caused by being overweight or obese.

Nothing is more important than finding the ideal pediatrician here in Falls Church, VA, that can provide your child with the gentle, compassionate medical care they deserve. To schedule an appointment for your child with Dr. Sacoto at Sacoto Pediatrics, call (703) 820-1951 today.

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