Lactation Support Evaluation

New mothers are told that breastfeeding is the best gift they can give their newborns. Aside from the significant benefits that it offers, nursing can likewise help new moms bond better with their newborns. However, not all women and babies find instant success with breastfeeding.

Thankfully, help is available. Here at Sacoto Pediatrics, PC, in Falls Church, VA, Dr. Maria Sacoto and her team give you the support you require to efficiently breastfeed your little one.

What to Expect During Your Lactation Support Evaluation

Although specific steps and procedures may slightly differ, in general, you’ll come into our Falls Church clinic where your breastfeeding consultant will see how you usually nurse your baby. With this in mind, you should wear comfortable clothing and ensure that your baby is hungry. Be prepared to answer very specific questions, which includes how often your baby feeds, how many diapers they use each day, if you pump your milk, and whether your baby drinks supplemental formula.

Generally speaking, lactation support consultants can address various breastfeeding topics, which include education for new moms, reasons and resolutions for different nursing challenges, and approaches to cease pain during nursing. Put simply, as long as your concerns are related to breastfeeding, your consultant will have an answer for them.

As for veteran moms, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that just because you had no issues breastfeeding your other children, doesn’t automatically mean that nursing a subsequent baby will be a breeze. This means that even some veteran moms may need help from a lactation support consultant, and that’s perfectly fine.

Get The Support You Need for Breastfeeding Success

Contact Sacoto Pediatrics, PC, in Falls Church, VA, at (703) 820-1951 to schedule your lactation support evaluation with Dr. Maria Sacoto.

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