Child Behavioral Issues

What Do I DO If I Suspect My Child Has Child Behavioral Issues?

While your child’s annual checkup is usually a time for your pediatrician to administer appropriate vaccines, screen for certain diseases and check their overall health, these trips to our office are also a time for parents to talk with our doctors about any concerns they may have about their child and their health. These concerns also include any behavioral issues that may be impacting your child’s social, home or school life.

Along with providing comprehensive medical care and treatment options to children and teens of varying ages, we also come equipped with ample knowledge and expertise on mental health and behavioral issues in children. For issues we can’t handle in-house we can also offer referrals and other outside resources that could provide your child with the evaluation and care they need, no matter whether their symptoms need be assessed or they need to talk with a psychologist.

Each year, it’s estimated that about 20 percent of children have a disorder that impacts their mental wellbeing, learning or behavior. As a result, they may face issues with school or socializing. This is why talking to your pediatrician as soon as possible about any changes or problems in your child’s behavior is so important. We need to understand what you are experiencing and observing in your little one as their parent.

Whether your child is dealing with depression, anxiety, ADHD or other issues we may have some of the tools necessary to make an evaluation or we can provide referrals for psychological testing, therapy, etc. However, sometimes the behavioral issues that your child is displaying are actually linked to certain health problems. For example, if your child deals with digestive problems and stomachaches they may be developing anxiety, particularly around eating and mealtimes. Chronic health problems can also lead to anxiety, depression and other negative emotions.

If we suspect that your child has ADHD not only can we perform an evaluation but we can also provide medication to help your child focus and to reduce hyperactivity. Of course, this shouldn’t take the place of seeing a child’s psychologist for other ways to manage their symptoms and behavioral problems.

Even the smallest behaviors like pulling out hair or biting fingernails can come from negative emotions or other issues; therefore, if you are concerned about your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing then it’s time to talk with our pediatricians so that we can address the problem right away.

Is your child displaying behavioral problems? If so, call Sacoto Pediatrics at (703) 820-1951 to schedule an upcoming assessment today!

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