Choosing a Newborn Doctor

How your newborn doctor in Falls Church, VA, can help your child stay healthy

Newborn babies require special care, and you want the expertise of a pediatrician who specializes in newborn care. You want a newborn doctor. Dr. Maria Sacoto of Sacoto Pediatrics in Falls Church, VA, offers comprehensive medical care for children, including treatment of newborns.

Choosing a newborn doctor is one of the most important decisions you will make to protect the health of your baby. There are some important factors to consider when you choose a newborn doctor. You need a newborn doctor who will:

Be caring and have a great “bedside manner” because it will give you tremendous peace of mind, knowing your child is being treated by a doctor who cares for your child’s health.

Take the time to answer your questions because you may have a lot of questions, especially if you are a new parent. You need a doctor who takes the time to thoughtfully provide the knowledge you need.

Be convenient and available so you don’t have to go driving a long distance to seek out care. This is especially important during an emergency. You need a doctor you can contact easily.

Keep current on the latest techniques and knowledge regarding newborn care. Advances in medical knowledge make it important for your doctor to keep current on continuing education.

Offer comprehensive medical care for your newborn, including:

  • Acute illnesses, including viruses like the flu or colds, nausea, or vomiting.
  • Bacterial infections, including ear, eye, throat, and skin infections.
  • Chronic medical conditions, including allergies and asthma.
  • Routine care including well-child visits and immunizations

Your newborn doctor can partner with you in the care of your child. Your child deserves the best healthy start in life, and your newborn doctor can help.

To find out more about why to choose us as your newborn doctor and how your newborn doctor can help your baby, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Maria Sacoto of Sacoto Pediatrics in Falls Church, VA, at (703) 820-1951. Call today.

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